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2023 Winners


The Career Achievement Award Program, sponsored each year by AWN, honors women who have achieved a major career advancement or recognition in their profession within the preceding calendar year.  The program was initiated in 1981 to honor women and encourage them to seek higher career goals.  It is a way to recognize firms or organizations which support and promote women. 


The Lifetime Achievement Award is reserved for women in the region who have achieved milestones in a profession or career over an extended period of time.  This is an award adopted by the AWN Board of Directors in 1988.  It is a tool for recognizing women whose accomplishments transcend the Career Achievement Award category. 


We believe in celebrating the remarkable women who make a difference in our community and beyond. The "Bettering Our World Honoree" category is dedicated to recognizing those exceptional individuals whose selfless acts of volunteerism, nonprofit work, or community service have had a profound impact on the world around them. These women are the unsung heroes who, through their dedication and compassion, have contributed to the betterment of society in significant ways.

General Criteria for Nominations

The Award is open, but not limited to, members of AWN
All nominees shall be from Amarillo or the top 26 counties of the Texas Panhandle
News releases concerning the award shall focus on the general accomplishments of the individual winners

Criteria for Career Achievement Awards

  • Nominees must have achieved a professional milestone in their career or a “first” in their field during the current year

  • A professional woman who has received a promotion that is unique for a woman nation-wide, state-wide, or community-wide

  • A professional woman who has been recognized by their peers for a specific career achievement

Criteria for Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Nominees must have achieved milestones in a profession or career or as an entrepreneur for a minimum of 15 years or more

  • This award recognizes women whose accomplishments, for whatever reason, transcend or do not fit the Career Achievement category

  • Some examples are: philanthropy, community service professional/career achievement, and entrepreneurship

A Lifetime Achievement Award may be presented each year in conjunction with the Career Achievement Awards to an individual who has achieved professional success over a long period of time.

Process And Timetable

  • A letter of recommendation describing why you feel the person should receive the award, including detailed information about the nominee’s specific qualifications for the award.

  • All entries must be submitted to the committee by JULY 15TH in order to be considered

  • A formal biography or resume and a picture of the nominee must accompany each application.  Questions or request for more detailed information from the committee may be directed to the nominator and documented in the committee files.

  • All recipients will be notified by mail in advance of the Career Achievement Award reception that they have been selected for receipt of the Award.

  • Awards will be presented at a Career Achievement Award Reception, sponsored by AWN.  At the reception, recipients and their employers will be honored.

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